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What we do, where we want to go, what we stand for.


Voluminant designs, develops and implements the financial-based ecosystem of success for our client organizations. Ask any company leader what their number one expense is and they will tell you: payroll. An executive’s fiduciary responsibility is to spend money wisely and cut unnecessary costs. Payroll is not an unnecessary cost that can be cut without alienating the most valued resources who move any organization forward. Voluminant’s solution is to create a system of success where employees are empowered to contribute to the company’s mission and vision, employees have a clear understanding of their functional roles and responsibilities, employees work toward accountable performance metrics, and where companies compensate their employees based on the value they bring to the organization. Enter a Voluminant-designed employee performance-based compensation system that creates a win-win-win for company leaders at the top of the org chart, individuals at the point of execution, and everyone in between. And, Voluminant provides the expertise to implement and support the system in perpetuity.   


Our vision is that Voluminant is the most innovative and forward-looking business performance improvement firm. We take a unique and forward-looking approach to every challenge and are dedicated to designing employee performance-based compensation programs from the ground up, using “industry best practices” as a mere starting point to work with our clients to help define the rules of the new 21st century business reality.


o We value our talent as our single, most valued resource.
o We value hard work and contribution, and the quality of results it brings.
o We value the mental and physical health of our selves, our colleagues and our clients.
o We value achievement and how this leads to living a life of abundance.
o We value honest, self-evaluation and the utility of objective feedback.