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Security, stability, reliability, results and satisfaction can all be measured.

See through the tech tangle.

Information access and technology, in general, is accepted as the norm within both private companies and in government agencies. Without it, business would come to a halt. A true danger lies in a “blank check” mentality where the implementation and use of the latest technology is not called to question because of fear – fear of competition and fear of systems not working. Voluminant turns fear into confidence through a premium technology audit that’s valuable to every level of the organization, from CEO to systems administrator, that not only evaluates what technology is being implemented, but – perhaps of more importance – how it’s being used.

Nonetheless, recognizing that every organization – no matter how technologically advanced or heralded – can improve, this audit uncovers performance gaps and arms company leaders with recommendations to enhance the current operation. Key findings indicate areas of opportunity that, once improved, will:

    •     Streamline coordination and communication
    •     Speed progress and control costs of development efforts
    •     Improve security and continuity of systems and data
    •     Reduce technology costs
    •     Improve end-user satisfaction
    •     Harden network systems

Truth be told, the most cutting-edge organizations are not necessarily those equipped with the best software and systems, but instead are those that balance innovation with the most efficient and cost-effective use of resources. Voluminant provides the first step to achieve that balance, helping our clients remain on the cutting edge of technology.