Executive Coaching

Make a pro sports-influenced impact

We are in uncertain economic times. Whether your business is a Fortune 50 company or a growing small business, the pressure is on to not only subsist, but to thrive. Your people rely on you for direction, guidance and support. Will you be able to provide it to them when the chips are down? Can you?

The Voluminant team has been providing professional, executive-level coaching for two decades — before it was a fad, faded away and came back again. Our Executive Coaching program is aimed at helping influential people within organizations understand their personal and professional strengths and weaknesses with the goal of reinforcing their strengths while improving their weaknesses — all within the context of an organizational and personal vision.

The Voluminant Executive Coaching program includes:

    • Personality Assessment
    • Management Performance Profile
    • Executive Training
    • One-on-one Coaching
    • Team Integration

Pioneered by Christopher Stammer, the President & CEO of Voluminant, while working with one of the world’s largest productivity improvement firms in 1997, the Management Performance Profile (MPP) is a systematic self-discovery technique uncovers and details the traits and competencies of top performers in an executives’ industry or practice areas, and identifies where the largest competency gaps exist to uncover training and coaching opportunities. The MPP is used to lay the groundwork for future learning and post-training follow-up coaching sessions and is buoyed by a unique, action-oriented personality diagnostic.

Focus, People and Performance

One segment of the TAIS results report (averages are in gray).

Voluminant executive coaches are trained and licensed on one of the most innovative personality diagnostics on the market — developed over 40 years of research and application. Unlike popular personality tests like the Myers-Briggs and the 16PF that were designed around helping to diagnose psychological disorders and personality archetypes, Voluminant integrates The Attentional and Interpersonality Style (TAIS) inventory, an innovative test engineered around human performance improvement by Bob Nideffer, Ph.D., a world-recognized performance psychologist. TAIS has been used successfully by U.S. Navy SEAL and U.S. Army Special Operations teams, as well as with the leadership of global brands. TAIS is only one piece of the puzzle used in Voluminant’s executive coaching process, but has proven especially worthwhile helping top performers identify decision-making capabilities, causes for distraction, and management style preferences.

The Voluminant approach to coaching doesn’t come from re-purposed content provided to us from a coaching industry association.  Our approach is a time-proven, proprietary process of self-discovery formulated on the principles of human performance psychology and applied sport psychology — the science of helping the top athletes in the world develop the mental toughness needed to help them perform consistently at their best in any situation.  Our legitimacy is not from a half-baked online training certification: it’s from results with high-level executives across industries and top sports teams.

The program and training sessions are engineered specifically around individual needs and is focused on planning activities, tasks, and milestones directly tied to accomplishing individual goals.  For more information on Voluminant’s Executive Coaching program, please Contact Us.