ExecutiveBIO Strategy Assessment Tool

Gain a fair and objective measure of executive team congruence

Simple is not only better, it’s essential.

Strategic Planning fails because organizational leaders can’t see the value. Voluminant guarantees a 100% return on your strategy planning investment: if someone from your team participating with us on the strategy development process does not see the value, we’ll return the fee for their involvement.

Hands down, an organizational strategic plan is the single-most critical document to organizations that are committed to growth. Yet, far too few executives view strategic planning this way. “It’s a waste of time,” they say. “It’s outdated as soon as we’re finished developing one.” This sentiment is a recipe for “active intertia” — a term akin to ‘doing the same thing over and over again in a changing world and still expecting to achieve success’.

Change is exactly the reason why strategic planning is not only needed, it’s crucial: if effectively crafted, it provides every level of your organization direction, focus, tenacity and the ability to recognize when your business plan (and model) must change to accommodate the needs of your customers and of a rapidly changing world.

Identifying the Need for Strategic Planning

Sample visualization of agreement to the CEO.

Yet, some remain unconvinced that strategic planning is both needed and essential. To effectively facilitate the strategic planning process to arrive at a useful organizational strategy that is relevant to every level of your organization, Voluminant has developed ExecutiveBIO(tm), a seamless diagnostic process to assess executive agreement on performance Benchmarks, key business Indicators, and organizational Objectives that directly impact your organization’s business performance.  ExectiveBIO visualizes your leadership teams’ overall level of strategic agreement to the CEO — and to each other. Where wide disagreement exists, so too does the need for the development of an overarching, need-focused, synchronous strategic plan ready to roll-down to every department and every organizational level. ExecutiveBIO is a 100% objective and quantitatively driven method to evaluate the level of synchronicity in your leadership team. And, it’s customized specifically to your business.

Strategy Development

Morphological analysis. Forced relationships. Brainstorming. Don’t be fooled by the words. The reality of strategic planning is the more complex and technical it is, the less successful the process will be. Voluminant’s approach to strategy planning and development is this: keeping it simple makes it usable. But, simple doesn’t mean ‘easy’ so we do the heavy lifting for you. Voluminant follows three means to a successful strategy: short targeted interviews, and a focused consensus-driven strategy conference for your leadership, and a simple survey to include everyone else. Of course, we tailor the process for the size, complexity and nature of your business, but the results are the same: an organizational strategy that has contribution, buy-in, clear lines of communication and responsibility, and a clear understanding of the goals and objectives everyone in the organization is accountable for achieving over the next 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.

Strategy Perpetuation

“Here today, gone tomorrow” is how many executives describe strategic planning. If you don’t revisit your strategic plan quarterly then your business is on the shortcut to active inertia. Your competitors are constantly changing and innovating — so should you be. The Voluminant team can conduct ongoing facilitation of your strategy development process and can even conduct an ongoing watch on your SWOT, mindful of business intelligence gleaned from your competitors through ongoing data mining, collection and analysis.

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