We highlight the difference between activity and results.

The biggest mistake that companies make — old and new, manufacturing and IT based startups — is that they confuse activity with results. Every employee has value. But, Voluminant’s mission is to make every employee valuable. The Voluminant team will work with your operations team to conduct a complete assessment of the personnel structure, functional responsibilities, and the contribution of each employee to their department or area based on our proprietary set of benchmarks and performance indicators that we have developed since our company founding more than a decade ago. Our team will provide the operations and executive team a quantitative idea of how each area of the company is performing based on expectations. The gap between expectations and reality is where our work begins.

The Voluminant team will take an immersive look at how each employee is rewarded, and for what, and will re-calculate a baseline compensation structure for new employees and provide an opportunity for current employees to make money based on the correlated value they bring to the organization. The Voluminant approach results in greater productive output, higher attendance and retention, and an expanded sense of involvement and ownership in the company — for employees at every level of the organization.

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