Voluminant Helps Clients Pivot to Extended Enterprise

  • June 22nd, 2020  

    June 22, 2020 (WASHINGTON) – In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, like many businesses Voluminant internal operations and client services have shifted focus to extended enterprise operations.

    The rapidly growing business performance improvement firm that hosts clients across industries in both the government and commercial sectors has helped customers develop and implement continuity of operations plans leveraging distance learning and remote communications.

    While many training initiatives in the federal government space have been put on hold, one of Voluminant’s training offerings to the Department of State is already moving forward full-speed ahead in light of the seemingly endless global pandemic.

    Offered through the Foreign Service Institute, the premier training center for foreign service officers and U.S. based civil service officers, the five-day Voluminant-facilitated project management training class “Managing Projects at State” went entirely virtual the first week of June.

    “It went off without a hitch,” agreed the Voluminant training team in a post-training virtual after action review meeting. “The delivery was seamless and the audience not only was able to achieve the key learning objectives, collectively the class had one of the highest final exam average scores.”

    So positive was the feedback on the June class, the Foreign Service Institute has executed contract line items to have Voluminant facilitate three additional distance learning-based course offerings from the FY2020 contract.

    The extended enterprise approach to training has also impacted other areas of Voluminant’s core service offering.

    Industrial Athlete University, a logistics and distribution focused training division of Voluminant, offers training programs to associates found in warehouse distribution centers. The “Got It!” training program which has been implemented to more than 100 centers around the country and entails a high level of interaction between trainers and newly-hired trainees, has shifted to virtual operations since May.

    “We’ve successfully made the shift to remote operations internally,” said Christopher Stammer, the CEO of Voluminant. “As we’ve been helping our customers do the same, we’ve surprisingly seen as many newly-discovered benefits as obvious challenges that you’d expect. We’re looking forward to expand extended enterprise operations to other areas of our business and helping our customers do the same.”

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