Changes Ahead for Voluminant

  • September 11th, 2020  

    The first week of school is over and, well, whether your kids were doing in-person, virtual, or blended learning one thing is certain: nothing has been easy or simple.

    Voluminant has undergone some significant changes since March in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Our customers have also been significantly impacted. In short, they have been searching for easier, more concise ways to do things, while still maintaining high levels of productivity and safety for their employees.

    Later this month, Voluminant will have some long-awaited news that will alter our business strategy and operations for the better. Needless to say, our team is excited and we think our clients will be, too.

    Without ruining the surprise or giving away too much information, our team just wants to say this: simple is better. Voluminant will be moving toward simple, more focused operations that is designed for challenging times. And, with this change will come the continued promise of ever-higher service levels to our current customers and to our readily expanding base of new customers who will join us as they look for solutions to thrive in challenging societal, economic, and financial times.

    Stay tuned! We can’t wait to share the news.



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