• Changes Ahead for Voluminant

    September 11th, 2020  

    The first week of school is over and, well, whether your kids were doing in-person, virtual, or blended learning one thing is certain: nothing has been easy or simple.

    Voluminant has undergone some significant changes since March in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Our customers have also been significantly impacted. In short, they have been searching for easier, more concise ways to do things, while still maintaining high levels of productivity and safety for their employees.

    Later this month, Voluminant will have some long-awaited news that will alter our business strategy and operations for the better. Needless to say, our team is excited and we think our clients will be, too.

    Without ruining the surprise or giving away too much information, our team just wants to say this: simple is better. Voluminant will be moving toward simple, more focused operations that is designed for challenging times. And, with this change will come the continued promise of ever-higher service levels to our current customers and to our readily expanding base of new customers who will join us as they look for solutions to thrive in challenging societal, economic, and financial times.

    Stay tuned! We can’t wait to share the news.



  • Voluminant Helps Clients Pivot to Extended Enterprise

    June 22nd, 2020  

    June 22, 2020 (WASHINGTON) – In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, like many businesses Voluminant internal operations and client services have shifted focus to extended enterprise operations.

    The rapidly growing business performance improvement firm that hosts clients across industries in both the government and commercial sectors has helped customers develop and implement continuity of operations plans leveraging distance learning and remote communications.

    While many training initiatives in the federal government space have been put on hold, one of Voluminant’s training offerings to the Department of State is already moving forward full-speed ahead in light of the seemingly endless global pandemic.

    Offered through the Foreign Service Institute, the premier training center for foreign service officers and U.S. based civil service officers, the five-day Voluminant-facilitated project management training class “Managing Projects at State” went entirely virtual the first week of June.

    “It went off without a hitch,” agreed the Voluminant training team in a post-training virtual after action review meeting. “The delivery was seamless and the audience not only was able to achieve the key learning objectives, collectively the class had one of the highest final exam average scores.”

    So positive was the feedback on the June class, the Foreign Service Institute has executed contract line items to have Voluminant facilitate three additional distance learning-based course offerings from the FY2020 contract.

    The extended enterprise approach to training has also impacted other areas of Voluminant’s core service offering.

    Industrial Athlete University, a logistics and distribution focused training division of Voluminant, offers training programs to associates found in warehouse distribution centers. The “Got It!” training program which has been implemented to more than 100 centers around the country and entails a high level of interaction between trainers and newly-hired trainees, has shifted to virtual operations since May.

    “We’ve successfully made the shift to remote operations internally,” said Christopher Stammer, the CEO of Voluminant. “As we’ve been helping our customers do the same, we’ve surprisingly seen as many newly-discovered benefits as obvious challenges that you’d expect. We’re looking forward to expand extended enterprise operations to other areas of our business and helping our customers do the same.”

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    For more information on how Voluminant can help your company leverage distance learning, extended enterprise operations, or remote communication, please complete an Information Request.

  • Voluminant to Lead Project Management Training at Department of State

    March 14th, 2019  

    WASHINGTON (March 14, 2019) – Voluminant today announced that the U.S. Department of State has awarded the company a new contract for project management training services.

    Voluminant is an Arlington, Virginia-based technology and management improvement firm that works in the federal and commercial sector.

    Under the terms of the contract, the Voluminant team will design, update and deliver an immersive, week-long project management training program to U.S. State Department Civil Service, Foreign Service, and Foreign Service Nationals through the National Foreign Affairs Training Center (Foreign Service Institute) located in Arlington, Virginia.

    The contract consists of one base year and of up to four option years of which the government can exercise.

    “Whether it means building an embassy or implementing a cloud-centric cybersecurity program, sound project management acumen is vital,” said Christopher Stammer, president and CEO of Voluminant. “We’ve been working with the DOS for a long time now that has provided Voluminant insight to the challenges and limitations facing project and program managers.”

    “This training could conceivably save the federal government significant amounts of money in projects that finish on-time and within budget, in recapturing negotiated damages from contractors, and in providing internal customers and the taxpaying public the products and services they need,” said Stammer.

    Since 2008, the Voluminant team has been delivering a program titled “Managing State Projects” to State Department personnel. Stammer has taken the training lead on many iterations of the class and has presented project management training to more than 1,000 DoS participants in the last five years, alone.

    Voluminant offers project management auditing, advisory, training and augmentation services to both commercial and government organizations. Voluminant offers a non-State Department project management training class titled “Excellence in Applied Project Management” as a part of Voluminant’s pmIMPACT program. Voluminant also offers project management office (PMO) support and provides turn-key project support services to help customers ensure projects are completed on-time, within budget and while meeting identified project requirements.

    For more information on Voluminant or related project management related services, please call (703) 637-0615 or Contact Us.

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  • National Distributor’s Training Throughput Enhanced By Voluminant

    February 5th, 2018  


    ALEXANDRIA, VA — One of the nation’s leading wholesale grocery distributors touted recently Voluminant’s “Got It!” order selector skills training program as its key to dealing with fluctuations in staffing levels.

    Industrial Athlete University (IAU), Voluminant’s dedicated training arm focused on workers in physically rigorous work environments, developed the interactive skills training program to help customers like SUPERVALU of Champaign (IL) more than quadruple the number of new-hires trained when compared to traditional training.

    “This program is unlike anything else out there,” said Christopher Stammer, CEO of Voluminant. “Most training in this industry is one-on-one. If this training is facilitated as-designed, one trainer can get more than 12 new-hires to standard in less than half the time as is generally accepted in the industry.”

    The program is extremely effective when helping companies quickly ramp up staffing levels, re-train veterans on safe and productive work methods, or open a new facility with newly-hired employees who are new to the industry.

    “Last year, our operation had the opportunity to take on a new customer,” wrote Wayne Etter, Director of Warehousing for SUPERVALU-Champaign, in a reference letter to Voluminant. “Our human resources operations team was challenged to expand our workforce by 30% in the span of a few short months.

    “Simply put, this would not have been possible using legacy ‘one trainer-one trainee’ methods,” Etter continued. “The Got It! Training approach enabled us to reach the training throughput that was necessary to grow our order selector team in a very
    short period of time, allowing us to meet new challenging production demands.”

    The Got It! training program is designed to immerse new-hires in the live production environment using simulation and interactive training which are customized for each customers’ products, facility layout, equipment and unique work methods and terminology.

    “Voluminant has managed to create a program that benefits distributors of every size and where they can generate a significant return on their training investment,” said Stammer.

    And, according to Etter, other benefits were realized by SUPERVALU-Champaign including “helping us control turnover by using a reasoned and disciplined training approach” and a ‘reduction in overtime’.

    Currently, the Voluminant program is installed in a total of seven SUPERVALU distribution center locations with plans to add at least two additional locations in 2018.

    “The people at every level of SUPERVALU are impressive and have been amazing to work with,” said Stammer. “Voluminant is here to support them every step of the way.”

    SUPERVALU completed its acquisition of Associated Grocers of Florida in 4Q of 2017.

    For information on Voluminant, Industrial Athlete University, or the Got It! order selector skills training program, please Contact Us or call (703) 637-0615 extension 703.

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  • Voluminant Praised by National Grocery Chain

    June 8th, 2015  

    June 9, 2015 (WASHINGTON) – Voluminant, a business performance improvement firm, today announced that one of the largest national wholesale grocers has praised the company for helping their efforts in reducing employee turnover and increase retention in their distribution center operation.

    Voluminant’s industrial training arm, Industrial Athlete University, worked with Associated Grocers of Baton Rouge (AGBR) from late 2013 to February of this year with the goal of enhancing their employee selection and screening process, and to reduce turnover in their warehouse distribution centers.

    The Voluminant team conducted a high-level employee needs analysis which resulted in the production of an employee realistic job preview video focused on the job challenges and demands of working in an active, fast-paced and hard-driving warehouse environment. The 12 minute video also highlighted the employee benefits and perks of working with a well-reputed company that sees its employees as their greatest asset.

    In a reference letter sent to Christopher Stammer, the CEO of Voluminant and the chair of the training organization, an AGBR director mentioned that while the video “hasn’t been a silver bullet” that the video assuredly has provided job candidates a “clear and accurate idea of the expectations and demands” of an extremely rigorous job.

    “Ensuring that candidates have a clear idea of what the job is all about is essential before they even complete a job application,” said Stammer. “As soon as they hit ‘enter’ on that application, it costs a company money. “

    “By focusing the applicant funnel on valued human resources who want to do this type of work — and have a clear understanding of the work — enhances every subsequent step of the value chain from on-boarding and training to how motivated the employees are to reach a high level of performance in the job,” said Stammer.

    Stammer mentioned that Voluminant has produced numerous job recruiting videos and employee skills training videos for the warehousing, logistics and distribution industry with companies as large as US Foods and Performance Food Group to single unit operations like Appert’s Foodservice (acquired by SYSCO) and FoodPRO.

    For more information on Voluminant’s work in the distribution industry, or on Industrial Athlete University, please visit http://trainiau.com or submit a Request for Information.

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  • Industrial Athlete University Featured at Global Supply Chain Conference

    February 21st, 2014  

    LAKE BUENA VISTA (February 21, 2014) – It was a homecoming event, of sorts, for Voluminant chairman Christopher Stammer at the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) recent 2014 Supply Chain Conference.

    Stammer was invited to co-present a session titled “Landing Blue Chip Prospects” focused on recruiting talent for the logistics and food distribution team aside Randy Fletcher of Associated Grocers of Baton Rouge, a Voluminant client.

    Stammer, who served as the chief operations officer for a Florida-based management consulting firm before founding Voluminant, and who has worked at both the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy and IMG Academies in a performance enhancement role, focused his presentation on applying decades of lessons learned from professional sport scouts to hiring talented and driven employees in an industrial setting.

    As the president of Industrial Athlete University, Voluminant’s dedicated industrial training services division, Stammer offered three critical “plays” in his presentation, including the sports/supply chain analogy, the five talent recruiting lessons learned from pro sport scouts, and the “secret” five building blocks to success in employee hiring, development and retention.

    Stammer’s hour-long presentation offered some insight to the three-day IAU talent selection program “Scout for Success“.

    Participants at the session were offered a free copy of IAU’s authoritative guide to identifying, hiring and retaining talent in the distribution operation, “Money Code and Muscle“.

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