Christopher D. Stammer, Chairman & CEO, Voluminant

My job is my hobby and I make no apologies or excuses about it.  I spend every waking minute thinking about it, working it, and worrying about it — sometimes so others don’t need to.

When I was 23 years old, I was asked by the worldwide director of a global consultancy for which I was working what my goal in life was and how that worked into helping that company make money.  I knew what my life’s purpose was — I just didn’t know exactly how it fit into an organization’s priorities. My purpose is to help organizations and people achieve peak performance.  And, that’s what I do: help companies — and the individuals within those companies — develop and implement a system of success that is measurable, trackable, repeatable and is always innovating.

I’ve been doing the same job since I was asked that question, and I’ve been following the same entrepreneurial approach as a means to accomplishing my purpose for much, much longer.  People don’t hire Voluminant because they want a fix, they hire us because they want leapfrog innovation.  Not a lot of what we do is turnkey because the businesses and organizations with which we work have something about them that’s different — something that renders the stock, template-based approach that the many larger consulting firms use ineffective.

When I first started Voluminant, and soon after I had finished my first, initial project with Clyde’s Restaurant Group, a prominent business owner in downtown Washington, D.C. called our approach stupid because we didn’t take a canned approach to what we do. “How can you survive?” he asked me incredulously when I told him how much time and attention we had given to Clyde’s. I told him that I would much rather have a client for life who would sing our praises and call us if they ever had a business challenge to overcome, rather than take a client to the cleaner with a fix that was just good enough for the time being.

True to that theory, we’ve never taken a client to the cleaner — but one came to us. Not long after that conversation, I got a call from Linens of the Week, one of the East Coast’s largest commercial laundries. They wanted us to facilitate a strategic planning session for their human resources team. Then we designed, developed and produced a training program for them. Then we were asked to design a second program. And, then they referred us to a national industry association. Our praises had been sung and Voluminant was hitting full-stride.

Voluminant is different because our clients are different, and think of themselves differently. Some of the steps we follow to ideate and innovate vary, and our project approach is radically different, from customer to customer.  But, the end result is always the same: a client with a greater understanding of what success is and with the framework, skills and tools to help them get there.

On behalf of the quality-dedicated, results-focused Voluminant team, I look forward to working with you.