Sales Aggressiveness Training

First In Line is engineered to energize and focus the sales force on that high value sale.

You know that politically correct person in your company who says things like “… don’t use the word ‘aggressive’, instead use the word ‘assertive’. . .”?

Guess what? You don’t want that person to head your sales team.

Here’s the truth about sales: the most successful sales people wake up each day with a passion to eat your lunch. They don’t think about being nicer — they want to close that next sale and win that big client. To be successful, your sales team needs to get aggressive — live, think, eat and make sales success their passion.

Every customer of yours has a long line of people waiting to win their business. It’s time to become First In Line. Sales is a force-multiplier. This means that even in tough economic times, your company can grow when Sales has the right knowledge, skills, attitude and contacts mixed with the right motivation and approach.

If you had a dollar for every sales training program on the market you’d already be rich. First In Line is a different breed of sales skills enhancement program designed specifically for sales representative who are under pressure to make a high dollar sale and based on years of research and feedback from, you guessed it: successful sales associates, sales and territory managers, and company executives — from entrepreneurial startups to executives with the largest players in the country.

The First In Line Approach

Results — not rules — reign! From day one, First In Line forces veteran and green sales people, alike, to challenge their assumptions — the first being the rule you learned in kindergarten: NO CUTTING! In competitive sales if you don’t cut, some other company will be eating your lunch. Voluminant trainers work with your team to identify and clarify your sales approach, understand each sales associates’ personality strengths and weaknesses, map your sales strategy, and help your reps leverage their tech savvy — in pursuit of getting “first in line” and staying there until they win the account.

First In Line is offered in 5-day and accelerated 3-day training sessions. The program is customized specifically for each company and their unique sales process and approach. (There is a six participant minimum and 12 participant maximum for each session.)

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