Sales Compensation Systems

Performance-based compensation for the most important front-line resource.

What would it mean to you for sales to increase by 30 percent?

If you ask any sales person what motivates them, they will tell you two things: Number one, money; and number two: the independence and freedom that is allowed to go make that money.

The challenge of any organization is to provide the members of the sales team the compensation and bonus structure that’s necessary to keep the team motivated and focused on not only what they’ve already won, but what they need to win in the next six to eight months. The biggest complaint that sales executives have is that their compensation structure isn’t fair because it hasn’t been updated as the organization and profits have grown.

Voluminant is a sales-oriented organization. We know that if Sales doesn’t do their job, it’s game over.

Voluminant has the winning-formula to develop a Sales Compensation System and plan to keep your sales team motivated with clear direction and intensity. This formula includes:

    • An assessment of the current compensation structure
    • Comprehensive objective survey of the sales team members
    • Development of a performance and reporting baseline
    • Design of a results-driven compensation structure
    • Implementation of the support structure to ensure success

The most successful sales organizations include a cohesive team that effortlessly works toward winning new business, where the sales management provides the necessary support to continually enhance the skills of the sales executives, where executive management has clear and accurate reports of sales progress, and where there is seamless hand-off of new accounts from sales to operations.

Voluminant creates the Sales Compensation System to make this vision a reality.

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