Retail Sales Contests

Up your employee's game! Enhance skills through performance-driven rewards.

Studies have shown that employees that are paid an hourly wage have lower levels of job satisfaction and increased turnover. The reasons behind this vary widely but could be attributed to a lack of prospective career advancement, a lack of a challenge resulting in pride of work, and a lack of development and support from the organization.

Whether your retail sales effort is in an inventory-driven storefront or a service-oriented restaurant, Voluminant has developed a sales contest framework that can be easily implemented in virtually any retail sales environment to reward top performers across critical competencies. These sales contests are:

    • Engineered to specific skills and activities
    • Tailored to increase the frequency of desired behaviors
    • Developed in collaboration with on-site leaders
    • Applicable to every member of the sales team
    • Correlate compensation to the positive sales effort

Best of all, employees like these retail sales contests — they are engaging and fun!

Coaching Opportunity

Performance feedback happens in real-time: Contest winners are rewarded immediately. Supervisors and managers are provided with valuable information to coach individuals who performed poorly in the contest to boost their performance and help them win future contests.

Significant ROI

Because of the framework Voluminant brings to the contest program, the financial benefits of the program significantly exceed the employee reward structure. This provides client organizations a significant return on investment almost immediately after implementing the program.

Raise the Bar

Most importantly, a Voluminant-designed and implemented retail sales contest program raises the bar of performance for the entire team in a structured way that ensures that the behaviors necessary for enhanced performance are replicated over a duration longer than the contest itself, thereby improving performance norms and overall retail sales performance far beyond the program.

For more information on a Retail Sales Contest program for your retail sales organization, please Contact Us or call (703) 637-0615 ext. 703 to speak with a Voluminant representative.