Project Success-based Compensation Plans

Keep the project team's eye on the prize

In the project management world, one thing is certain: the most motivated and energized teams are those whose performance is tied to project results. Sure, there will always be extraneous factors that will slow project progress and impact final deliverables, but — with appropriate leadership, management and execution — the impact of most of these factors can be reduced or avoided, altogether.

Effective project management is a cornerstone element of Voluminant’s product and service delivery, and we bring the same project-disciplined acumen to every customer. But, we take this a step further and help our project-oriented clients create a structured compensation structure and supporting system to ensure that project teams are rewarded for high performance at every phase of the project cycle.

Voluminant works with client groups, project teams and customers to assess the effectiveness of project baseline planning, the establishment of realistic progress milestones, the clarity of final project deliverables, and the overall project approach to derive a true Value of the whole effort. The Voluminant team will work with project leadership and functional team members to quantify the resource costs and benefits of on-time and early completion.

Whether contractors, outsourced labor or full-time employees, Voluminant will help structure a baseline compensation structure, and will derive attractive performance-based bonuses to keep the project team members and leaders’ “eye on the prize” from project planning to delivery.

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