Unearned compensation. Golden parachutes. One-dollar salaries. . . executive pay can be mired with challenges. Voluminant can help.

Executive compensation has been called to question in the media and in shareholder meetings, alike. And, with this increased attention has come an increased tendency for companies to rely on executive service and performance requirements to retain executives and align pay with performance.

Voluminant brings to bear an array of operational, financial, and investment experience to represent:

    • Executives in contract negotiations to ensure fair compensation based on clearly-defined benchmarks
    • Acquiring Companies in the assessment and redesign of compensation packages for current executives
    • Hiring Companies that need their interests to be represented in executive contract negotiations
    • Shareholders in executive compensation discussions at shareholder meetings
    • Company Founders to engender a motivating and performance-driven environment of innovation

The Voluminant team approaches any compensation assessment and resultant compensation structure and system objectively and fairly with an eye on creating a executive, company, shareholder win-win-win. As an objective, third-party with a vast amount of structured compensation experience, Voluminant creates compensation plans with a realistic perspective on the business health, the industry growth potential, and company strategic goals balanced by the individual executive (or executive team’s) experience and attainable operational progress and goals within realistic time periods.

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