National Distributor’s Training Throughput Enhanced By Voluminant

  • February 5th, 2018  


    ALEXANDRIA, VA — One of the nation’s leading wholesale grocery distributors touted recently Voluminant’s “Got It!” order selector skills training program as its key to dealing with fluctuations in staffing levels.

    Industrial Athlete University (IAU), Voluminant’s dedicated training arm focused on workers in physically rigorous work environments, developed the interactive skills training program to help customers like SUPERVALU of Champaign (IL) more than quadruple the number of new-hires trained when compared to traditional training.

    “This program is unlike anything else out there,” said Christopher Stammer, CEO of Voluminant. “Most training in this industry is one-on-one. If this training is facilitated as-designed, one trainer can get more than 12 new-hires to standard in less than half the time as is generally accepted in the industry.”

    The program is extremely effective when helping companies quickly ramp up staffing levels, re-train veterans on safe and productive work methods, or open a new facility with newly-hired employees who are new to the industry.

    “Last year, our operation had the opportunity to take on a new customer,” wrote Wayne Etter, Director of Warehousing for SUPERVALU-Champaign, in a reference letter to Voluminant. “Our human resources operations team was challenged to expand our workforce by 30% in the span of a few short months.

    “Simply put, this would not have been possible using legacy ‘one trainer-one trainee’ methods,” Etter continued. “The Got It! Training approach enabled us to reach the training throughput that was necessary to grow our order selector team in a very
    short period of time, allowing us to meet new challenging production demands.”

    The Got It! training program is designed to immerse new-hires in the live production environment using simulation and interactive training which are customized for each customers’ products, facility layout, equipment and unique work methods and terminology.

    “Voluminant has managed to create a program that benefits distributors of every size and where they can generate a significant return on their training investment,” said Stammer.

    And, according to Etter, other benefits were realized by SUPERVALU-Champaign including “helping us control turnover by using a reasoned and disciplined training approach” and a ‘reduction in overtime’.

    Currently, the Voluminant program is installed in a total of seven SUPERVALU distribution center locations with plans to add at least two additional locations in 2018.

    “The people at every level of SUPERVALU are impressive and have been amazing to work with,” said Stammer. “Voluminant is here to support them every step of the way.”

    SUPERVALU completed its acquisition of Associated Grocers of Florida in 4Q of 2017.

    For information on Voluminant, Industrial Athlete University, or the Got It! order selector skills training program, please Contact Us or call (703) 637-0615 extension 703.

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