About Voluminant

Revolutionize or die.

Voluminant is a management consulting and technology implementation firm dedicated to helping organizations achieve what we call Business Singularity – a perfect alignment of strategy, technology and human resources in pursuit of a single, driving goal.

Achieving Singularity means discarding old business models, challenging the way work is performed, and establishing new rules that are congruent with the new reality of a nascent century. Not easily done. And, hard to accomplish internally.

We approach our work like a high-powered industrial design firm where your success is engineered like a new product; starting with our working together to assess need – and through processing ideas, concepts, and cutting-edge practices – working to develop a vision of a finished product ripe “for the market”.

Whether your solution is a simple strategy and planning session for your leadership team, a comprehensive organizational process improvement initiative that impacts all levels of your organization, a global training system leveraging multimedia and the Web, or the integration of all three, Voluminant is the single source to help your organization dictate the new reality’s rules.