The Post-Industrial Transformation

Manufacturing jobs are being outsourced to China. Call centers have moved to India. And, the U.S. workforce has been divided into highly-skilled and technology innovators at the top and low-paying unskilled labor at the bottom with an underpaid service-based economy wedged in-between. Things aren’t what they used to be. Adapting isn’t enough. Businesses need to revolutionize to survive.  Voluminant is approaching its second decade of business transformation experience with some of the most successful companies in the country. Our team provides leadership, management and performance transformation solutions to help your organization thrive — not just survive — in a technology-driven age ripe with potential and profits.

Services Overview

Voluminant revolutionizes how our clients work. Our value-driven services include:

    • Business Revolutionizing
    • Performance Compensation
    • Leadership Development
    • ERP Implementation
    • Interactive Multimedia


Voluminant has worked with some of the biggest companies and organizations in the U.S. including:

    • Performance Food Group
    • U.S. Department of State
    • Associated Grocers (Baton Rouge)
    • Lipari Foodservice
    • U.S. Embassy (Bogota)